“To harness the universal power of music as a vehicle to bring cultures and countries together and to foster education, workforce development, and artistic expression for Haitiʼs youth.”

Operating out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Konbit Mizik is a NYS 501(c)3 Not-for-Profit Organization Tax ID# 45-2704968

We are:

• a community-based recording studio & production facility

• an underground record label & music manager

• an international exchange program

Konbit Mizik began in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake which claimed over 300,000 lives and displaced more than a million others. Despite our non-profit classification, we don’t consider ourselves a charity because the music we find and expose coming from some of the most neglected parts of Port-au-Prince is so damn good.

Over the past 2 years, we have grown into a movement of smart, talented, and caring individuals from all spectra who believe that, in our increasingly-interconnected global community, it is important to celebrate our common values and acknowledge our collective ability to work, teach, learn, play music and rebuild Haiti together.